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Buy Xbira 250mg Tablets Generic Drugs of Abiraterone online at low price. Heal diseases like Metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. Know the side effect, review, uses dosage (Missed/Over), Composition, Substitutes, Precautions, manufactured by Cipla Ltd. India, how it works, how long does last. Get safe & secure shipment in UK, France, Australia, USA, China.

What are Xbira Tablets?
Xbira tablets belong to a specific treatment protocol related to cancer diseases. These tablets are manufactured by Cipla Ltd. The tablets are prescribed to patients suffering from serious cancer disorders thus the use of this drug is regulated via a prescription from a practicing doctor.

These tablets’ chemical composition consists of one specific active agent known as Abiraterone Acetate. This classifies the These tablets as a type of Antiandrogen. Before starting the medication, a deep and thorough checkup based on your medical history is recommended.

When is prescribed?
This drug, as mentioned earlier, is a part of a specific drug therapy that deals with a specific Cancer disorder. The tablets are prescribed for male patients suffering from Prostate Cancer.

But there are certain conditions to it which make the treatment protocol highly distinct. Xbira tablets are only prescribed to patients who have not seen any progress in their previous course of treatment. The tablets are prescribed when cancer has metastasized into other parts of the body. This constitutes the advanced stages of Prostate cancer in men, and the medication is prescribed as a part of an aggressive treatment approach.

How does it work?
These medications are given to the patients in combination with another drug known as Prednisone. Prednisone belongs to a class of drugs known as corticosteroids. Working together, the two drugs take a strong and targeted approach towards treating and managing Prostate cancer in men.

Prednisone acts by decreasing the response of the body’s Immune system. This prevents certain reactions such as inflammations in the body, swelling or allergic reactions. Abiraterone Acetate, the active agent inside these tablets, works by decreasing the production of testosterone in the body. This results in slowing the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate and helps in managing the disease.

The proper information about how long does it last is printed on the tablet box or the tablet strip.

How to use?
It is strongly recommended that the individual should not self-medicate themselves with these tablets. Rather, visit your primary care physician and get a prescription for the right medicine.

The tablets were manufactured to be ingested orally. Contact your doctor for an alternative if you face difficulties in taking the medication. Do not crush the medicine, break it into pieces or chew it during ingestion as it may alter the efficacy of the tablet. Look for a medicine guide related to the tablet or ask your doctor regarding any questions you might have.

What is the dosage of this Tablets?
When a Doctor prescribes you any medication, they think about a lot of variables and then zero in on the dosage that will be the best for you. The variables may be your medical history, recent drug or any adverse reactions you may have had. The doctor may decide to prescribe you a lower strength variant to see how it goes. And in the future, the doctor may or may not calibrate the dosage.

Try working with your doctor to come up with a dosage routine that is beneficial to you. Specific lifestyle changes such as dietary may be needed which you need to make for the medicine to work better.

Do not compensate for the missed dosage by taking an extra tablet as it might result in an overdose. An overdose is represented by a variety of symptoms most of which are a side-effect that has worsened significantly. Seek medical help as quickly as possible.

Missed Dose
If you miss a dose of the tablets, take it when it is time to take the next dose. Although, keep in mind to not take an extra dose in any scenario.

What Are The Side Effects?
In the surveys and studies that have been done, cases of severe side-effects are very rare in the group of patients using these pills. But, there are some potential side-effects about which you should know.

As per the expert’s review, there are a few side effects of Xbira tablets. They are as follows

major side effect
Major side-effects include

Increase in the blood pressure
Heart beating irregularly
Swelling of ankles or feet
Increased triglycerides
Minor side effect
Minor side-effects of this disease include

UTI or Urinary Tract Infection
Increased levels of cholesterol in the body
Shortness of breath
If you encounter any of those mentioned above or other side-effects that get out of control, then stop taking the medication and seek immediate help from a doctor. The doctor might recalibrate the dosage or stop the medication completely.

What Precautions Need to be taken for this Tablets?
General Instructions/warnings
Keep an eye out for any pain you may feel in your bones. This is because bone fractures have been recorded in patients using Abiraterone Acetate based medicines.

The medicine should never be taken with food as it might affect the way it operated in the body. Always take it 2-3 hours before or 1-2 hours after you’ve had something to eat.

While on this course of medication, effective birth control must be practiced until a week after the medication protocol has ended.

The medication is not to be prescribed to patients that are below the age of 18.

Your entire dosage schedule of Abiraterone Acetate based medicines should be overseen by a doctor. Do not self-medicate or take an extra dose.

When Not to Use?
This medicine is not recommended for use if you have a known history of Abiraterone or any other component present in the dosage form.

Warnings for special population
Xbira 250 mg Tablet is highly unsafe to use during pregnancy. Human and animal studies have shown significant adverse effects on the foetus. Please consult your doctor.

Xbira 250 mg Tablet is unsafe to use during Breastfeeding. Data suggests that the drug may cause toxicity to the baby, or the mother is suffering from a condition in which breastfeeding is not advisable.

How many substitutes are available?
Listed below are the medicines that are similar to these tablets in composition and can be used as a substitute

Abione tablets from Intas Pharmaceutical Ltd.
Zytiga Tablets from Janssen India
Frequently asked questions(FAQs)
Are Xbira tablets are safe to use for pregnant women?
It has been observed the risk of any potential harm to the fetus in pregnant women is very high if on the medication. Thus, the use of this medicine strongly discouraged.

Is the medicine safe to use for breastfeeding women?
It is not advisable that breastfeeding women be prescribed this medication as the potential risk factor has been reported to be too high.

Are there any habit-forming tendencies that have been observed in users?
So far, there is no data to conclusively prove that the people using this drug have exhibited any addictive behavior. The risk factor regarding habit formation is very low with Xbira tablets.

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