Things you must keep in mind while taking any medicine
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Things you must keep in mind while taking any medicine


Things you must keep in mind while taking any medicine

Medicines are meant to relieve pain and cure disease, but they can also cause pain if they are not taken in the right way and the right quantity. 

In the case of allopathic medicines, such apprehension is even greater. There are some things to keep in mind while taking such medicines. 

Make sure that the medicines you are taking are safe for you. Patients should be given all kinds of information about the medicines they are taking.

If you are going to consult any doctor then as a patient you need to know the answers to the following questions:

1. What is the brand and generic name of the drug?

2. What is the purpose of the drug and is it to replace the medicine already used?

3. What will be the dosage and how to store it?

4. What can be the side effects of the medicine? What is the way to deal with them?

5. Do you have to avoid any specific drug or need to take any precautions while taking the medicine?

6. If you are allergic. So would it be safe to take this medicine?

7. For how many days the medicine is to be used and what will be its effect?

8. What is the best time to take the medicine?

It is very important to know everything about the medicine you are taking.

The following article will give you complete information regarding the things you know about any medicine.

1. Side Effects

Be sure to know about the side effects of any medicine you take. Medicines that come in the OTC (over the counter) category also have some side effects. 

Its complete information is written on the wrapper or bottle of the medicine.

You should take medicines with a doctor’s prescription and read each and every piece of information given on medicine.

Apart from this, some of the possible side effects of the medicine are also written.

Regardless of age, healthy people can also have side effects. Some people are more prone to side effects. 

So it is mandatory to know the side effects of the medicine you take.

For instance, birth control medications can cause clots to form in the blood.

Ivermectin is an antiparasitic medicine to treat the severe infection level but if not taken in the proper dosage, it may also have some side effects.

2. Mutual influence

Know the possible interactions of any medicines you are taking, whether it is antiviral medicine or antibiotic medicine.

Sometimes the prescription that comes with the medicine also contains information about its interactions with other drugs along with its associated side effects. 

Many drugs show serious interactions. Check before starting any new medicine. 

For instance, the drug Adderall, which is used for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, interacts with many anti-depressant medications. 

Interactions usually occur between two different types of drugs, but can also occur with certain foods and beverages and tobacco. You cannot use cheese, meat, soy sauce, beer, wine, etc. while taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors, a drug used for depression.

So you need to be careful about the diet, addictive stuff or food you are consuming to avoid further damage to your body.

3. Effect of NSAID drugs

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) cannot be used all the time. Repeated use of the same drug can cause a variety of serious side effects. 

It is a well-known side effect of OTC medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin. These drugs can cause serious damage to the intestines.

Many NSAIDs, over the counter medications (which are not Tylenol or aspirin), can also cause serious stomach problems. These can cause stomach ulcers or bleed. 

Gastrointestinal problems can occur if ibuprofen is used in large amounts on an empty stomach. 

As far as possible, do not use these drugs on your own without any doctor consultation. There is only one way to avoid such problems, unless it is very necessary, do not take this medicine without a prescription and take it according to your symptoms. 

For instance, acetaminophen is good for fever and flu-like symptoms, while ibuprofen is good for relieving pain. Lots of people use ibuprofen. It can have heavy side effects on the kidneys and stomach.

4. Beware of Acetaminophen (paracetamol tablets)

The OTC drug acetaminophen is well known in India as paracetamol. It is used to relieve pain or fever due to viruses etc. 

Ibuprofen-like side effects have also been observed. It reacts like alcohol in the body. 

In such a situation, if Tylenol i.e. minor pain reliever medicine and alcohol are taken at the same time, then the liver has to struggle. 

This is the reason that if you take paracetamol and drink in excess, then liver damage can happen.

So you must take these paracetamol tablets in limited amounts or as prescribed by doctors.

5. Attention to quantity

Use only the minimum required amount of any medicine. Use any medicine in only the amount needed. 

As important as it is necessary to use the right type of medicine, it is equally important to use the right amount. 

The use of medicines in excess is deadly harmful to the body.

Always use the dosage as prescribed by the doctor. Taking more medicine does not mean that your problem will get better soon, but it will cause more damage to the medicine.

6. Antibiotic Use

Use antibiotics and generic medicines only on the advice of a doctor. Antibiotics are important medicines. 

If you do not take its full treatment dosage, then the infection can reach worse or there will be chances of reappearance of the infection. 

Also, remember that antibiotics do not cure viral infections such as the flu. 

If you have the flu and are using antibiotics, it’s not going to help you. Antibiotics are good for treating problems like bronchitis and sinus infections. 

Other medicines, such as antidepressant drugs, stop working if they are not taken regularly at the prescribed time. Do not mix medicines and home remedies without consulting a doctor.

7. Contraceptive pills

Birth control pills do not work from the day they are used. These effects are visible only after continuous use for a week or sometimes a month. 

In this case, the claim of being sure from the first day of taking them can be misleading. These pills are fully effective only after two to three months of continuous use. 

If you forget to take the pill for two consecutive days or more, its effect becomes less.

So these were some of the important things that you must always keep in mind while taking any medicine so that your body doesn’t get any damage and have a healthy life.

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