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It is part of the conservative treatment of patients with chronic kidney disease.
It contains amino acids, partly in form of there corresponding-ketoanalogues, essential for patients.
In combination with a protein-restricted diet, it is an excellent tool to treat chronic kidney disease in the predialysis period.

Reduction of uraemic symptoms, which are largely due to an accumulation of degradation products of the protein metabolism
Preservation of the residual renal function and therefore slowing down the rate of progression of the chronic kidney disease and delaying the onset of dialysis
Preservation of the nutritional status, despite the marked reduction of the daily protein intake
Improvement of metabolic complications due to renal insufficiency (e.g. proteinuria, disturbances in calcium-phosphate, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism)

Characteristics: One film-coated tablet contains

Calcium 3-methyl-2-oxovaleric acid (a-ketoanalogue of isoleucine, Ca-salt) 67 mg
Calcium-methyl-2-oxovaleric acid (a-ketoanalogue of leucine, Ca-salt) 101 mg
Calcium-2-oxo-3-phenylpropionic acid (a-ketoanalogue of phenylalanine, Ca-salt) 86 mg
Calcium-3-methyl-2-oxobutyric acid (a-ketoanalogue of valine, Ca-salt) 68 mg
Calcium-DL-2-hydroxy-4-(methylthio)-butyric acid (a-hydroxyanalogue ofmethionine) 59mg, Ca-salt 105 mg
L-lysine acetate (= L-lysine 75 mg) 53 mg
L-threonine 23 mg
L-tryptophan 38 mg
L-histidine 30 mg
Total nitrogen content per tablet: 36 mg
Calcium content per tablet: 1.25 mmol = 0.05 g

Other Ingredients:

Corn starch, crospovidone, povidone (K-value 29-32), talc, highly dispersed silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, macrogol 6000, colouring agents E 104, E 171, alkaline polymethacrylate, glycerol triacetate.


Prevention & therapy of damages due to CKD till GFR is 15 ml/min,i.e.stages II, III & IV of CKD

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