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Acnesol Gel (Clindamycin)


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Acnesol Gel


Shop Acnesol 1% Gel online in the USA
Buy Acnesol Gel Generic drug of Clindamycin online at a low price from most trusted pharmacy to cure Acne. Get all information about this medicine like use, side effect, dosage (missed/over), Substitutes, the review, how long does the last Composition, Precautions, how it works, manufactured by Systopic Laboratories Pvt Ltd and many more. You can also get fast delivery in the UK, France, China, USA, Australia.

What is Acnesol 1% Gel?
It is utilized for Acne, Bacterial infections of the skin, Gynecological infections and other conditions. It may be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. It contains Clindamycin Topical as an active ingredient. It reduces a pustule and papule counts in acne. This medicine manufactures by Systopic Laboratories. also, Acnesol Gel 20gm in this active ingredient is Clindamycin (1%).

When is it prescribed?
Lower Respiratory Tract Infection
Acnesol Gel is used in the treatment of lower respiratory tract infection like bronchitis, pneumonia caused by Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pneumoniae.

Skin and Structure Infection
this Gel is used to treat skin and structure infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes.

Intra Abdominal Infection
it is used in the treatment of intra-abdominal infections caused by Helicobacter pylori, Staphylococci and Streptococci.

Gynecological infections
this Gel is used in the treatment of gynecological infections like vulvitis, vaginitis caused by Streptococcus, Gardnerella, and Staphylococcus.

Bone and Joint infections
Acnesol Gel 20gm, is used in the treatment of bone and joint diseases like Osteomyelitis caused by Staphylococci and Streptococci species.

How does work?
It is an antibiotic. It blocks bacterial growth by inhibiting synthesis of essential proteins, which are required by bacteria to carry out vital functions. the proper info about how long does last is provided on the gel tube box.

How to use?
Use this gel in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Check the label for directions before use. Apply gel on the affected area and allow it to stay before spitting or rinsing.

What is the Dosage?
Missed Dose:
Take the forgot dose as quickly as you remember If you miss a dose of Acnesol Gel. Skip the forgot dose If it’s almost time for your next scheduled dose. Do not double your dose to cover up for the forgot dose.

An overdose of this drug is not likely to cause severe symptoms unless it is applied for a prolonged period in large volumes. But, ingestion of this medicine may cause harm, and immediate medical intervention may be required. Symptoms of an overdose may include bloody diarrhea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc.

What are the side effects?
The following is a list of possible side effects that may occur from the use of Acnesol Gel. This is not a complete list. These adverse effects are possible but do not always happen. Some of the adverse effects may be rare but serious. Counsel your doctor if you observe any of the following side-effects, especially if they do not go away. as per expert reviews, there are many side effects which are as follows

Minor side effect:
Most common Minor side effects there

Scaly skin
Black or tarry stools
Blurred vision
Chest pain
Fast heartbeat
Muscle or joint pain
Irritated eyes
Major side effect:
Most common Major side effects are as follows.

Scaly skin
Black or tarry stools
Blurred vision
Chest pain
Fast heartbeat
Muscle or joint pain
Irritated eyes
Increased thirst
What Precautions need to take for this medication?
General Instructions
Before using Acnesol Gel, tell your doctor about your current list of medicines, over the counter products (e.g.herbal supplements, vitamins, etc.), allergies, pre-existing diseases and ongoing medical situation(e.g., pregnancy, upcoming surgery, etc.).

Some medical condition may make you more susceptible to the adverse effects of the drug. Take as suggested by your doctor or follow the direction printed on the product insert or label. Dosage is based on your situation. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if your condition persists or worsens. Essential counseling points are listed.

General warnings
Do not take by mouth. Counsel with your doctor before using this medicine on open wounds, dry, chapped, irritated, or sunburned skin.

Clean and dry the affected skin area to be treated. Wash your hands before and after applying Acnesol 1%- 20mg Gel.

Don’t wash the treated area after immediately applying this medication. Also, do not use other products on the treated area unless directed by your physician.

Applying an excessive amount may result in pilling. Use a thinner layer or a lesser quantity of medicine to avoid pilling.

Avoid getting this gel in your eyes or nose or mouth.

When not to use?
This medicine is not suggested for use in patients with a known hypersensitivity to clindamycin, any other inactive ingredients or any other lincosamides present along with it.

This medicine is not suggested for use in patients with a known history of ulcerative colitis, antibiotic-associated colitis or regional enteritis due to the increased risk of worsening of the patient’s situation.

Warnings for special population
It is probably secure to use during pregnancy.

Animal studies have shown low or no side effect on the fetus. However, there are limited human studies. Please consult your doctor.

It is probably safe to use in patients with kidney disease. Limited available information suggests that dose adjustment of Acnesol 1% Gel may not be needed in these patients. Please consult your doctor.

How many substitutes are available?
Some of the alternative drug available are

Clindaris Gel
Acnelak Z 1% w/w Gel
Clinka Gel
Clinred Gel
Clinapil Gel
Aclind 1% w/w Gel
Clinmax 1% w/w Gel
Erytop Gel
frequently asked questions(FAQs)
Can I use the generic drug of clindamycin with a penicillin allergy?
this medication is considered secure for use in patients with a penicillin allergy

Does it treat acne scars?
It can prevent the formation of new scars by preventing the formation of new acne, but it will not be useful for the scars already formed.

Can this cream cause thrush?
Yes. Use of this cream may cause thrush (a type of fungal or yeast infection) in rare cases.

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