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Fast Shipping - Just as described! VERY HONEST - GOOD COMMUNICATION !!! I would like to place order again as well !!!
Kerry Pilgrim
Great service. Arrived in about 2 weeks after order. Thank you MedsVilla!! All the package is more than expected.
James Nesa
I placed two orders from this website. Both have been paid through PayPal. I have received both orders on time. Thank you very much for your service.
Ismail Randy
Very helpful staff, took about 2 weeks to arrive in the UK. Everything is perfect. Very happy with my purchase.
John Devid
MedsVillaPharmacy is the place to buy drugs at reasonable prices. I've been a customer for a long time and will continue to shop with them as long as they offer the best price & quality. Thanks!
Tim Allen

Buy Generic Medicines Online

Buy generic medicines from our online medical store. We are always ready to serve our patients the best possible medicines which are affordable as well as effective.

Most of the big cities have exclusive generic medical stores, but due to their lack of publicity, the benefits are not available to the people. Due to the lack of proper information in compulsion, even the poor are forced to buy expensive medicines from chemists. So to tackle this situation, we are here to give the best generic medicines so that people can easily buy generic medicines online.

Usually, doctors prescribe expensive medicines because of this branded pharmaceutical companies earn a lot of profit from this,
Due to branded pharmaceutical companies, the but do you know that you can also buy cheap medicines, yes! Now you can easily buy generic medicines online from our online medicine store.

You need not go anywhere searching for these generic medicines, our online generic store is a pocket pharmacy for you wherein you will get every medicine at such an affordable price range. So what you are waiting for? Pick your phone and book your generic medicines now!

Online Generic Medicine Store

Buy generic medicines from our online generic medicine store, you will get generic medicine at a very low price in the same medicine that your doctor prescribes to you.

The difference that comes between a generic medicine and a branded one is in price, There is a difference of at least five to ten times between the cost of an expensive drug and a generic drug of the same salt. Sometimes there is a difference of up to 90% in the prices of generic medicines and branded medicines. Generic medicines are much more affordable than branded ones!

Our generic medicines are made from the international standard and their effectiveness is not less than the branded medicines. Nor do they have little effect. The dosage and side-effects of generic medicines are similar to some branded medicines.

Generic medicines of our online generic store are passed through all kinds of difficult quality standards before they hit the market. So that our patients should get the best product.

We prefer you to consume generic medicines as, according to the World Health Organisation, if doctors prescribe generic drugs to patients, health costs can be reduced by 70% in developed countries and even more in developing countries.

Our generic medicine store’s main motive is to make our products accessible to all those people who need to buy generic medicines. Our medicine store provides highly assured and affordable generic medicines to our patients.

Our generic medicines reach directly to the buyer, and nothing is spent on the publicity of these drugs. That’s why our medicines are much more affordable.

We assured our patients to provide all the necessary ingredients in medicines i.e. their composition, their usefulness and their benefits – everything is the same as the branded medicines, but their cost is much less than the branded medicines.

Many times, in case of a pandemic or a major disease, in which the demand for drugs is high, our online generic store maintains an unlimited stock of medicines, so that anyone who is in need will get the medicines.

Our online generic medicine store meets the criteria of ‘Cheap and Best’. That means you will get the best and most effective drugs at a minimum cost.

The generic medicines available at our store have authorised licenses and this license under which these medicines are made worldwide, there is a provision to control their prices. Since these medicines are made based on formulation only, their prices cannot be kept too high.

We also provide doorstep delivery of medicines and also provides savings of up to 10 per cent. Not only this, but it also sends reminders for refills of regular medicines. Apart from this our generic medicines are clinically tested by our experts and they are made safe to use.

You will every type of medicine from our online store. Along with this wide range of generic medicines, you will also get diabetes, personal care, ayurvedic care, homoeopathy and many more essential medicines.

If you want the best and most effective generic medicines then shop from our online generic store wherein you get safe medicines at a very affordable range.

What are Generic Medicines?

These are the drugs that are manufactured and distributed without a patent. A generic drug can have a patent on its formulation, but its active ingredient is not patented. Generic medicines are not inferior to any type of branded medicines in quality and they are as effective as branded medicines. Even their dosage, side effects, active ingredients etc. are the same as all branded medicines. Generic medicines have to go through all the strict procedures of quality standards before getting the license to launch in the market.

For the treatment of any disease, after all, kinds of research and study, a chemical (salt) is prepared, which is given the form of medicine to make it easily available. Every company sells this salt under different names. Some sell it for expensive prices and some cheap. But the generic name of this salt is determined by a special committee keeping in mind the composition and disease of the salt. The generic name of any salt remains the same all over the world.